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Raising Teenagers

Raising Teenagers

Do you like coffee? You see all the posts about people needing coffee to get through their day? Well I am more of a Diet Coke aholic (is that a word?) Ok, so I can’t get through my day with out MANY diet cokes. It didn’t start out that way eighteen years ago. Yes you heard me right, I have an eighteen year old. The grey hairs on my head are proof that I have 3 (almost) teenagers. One is 12 going on 30. The other is seventeen (yes he is driving- red used Mustang- keep your eyes out). The other turned eighteen and doesn’t have to “LIVE” at home anymore. So he reminds me. I kicked him out for 2 days, needless to say he is back.



I have all boys. Big boys considering I am only 5’2″ tall. They know who the boss is in MY house ( I’m puffing my chest out in case your not paying attention, lol).

As I transition out of parenting “kids” and progress to parenting “young adults”, I am humbled. This did not turn out the way I planned. Did I have a plan? Do you have a plan? Going 18 rounds (years) with ALL boys was quite exhilarating, exhausting, enjoyable and so many other words. The time just flew by.

I remember the first time I put a crayon in my first child’s little hand. I used to hang ALL the ART on the wall. Every little scribble got hung. I remember essentially being homeless when my first husband decided to hit the road. It was the same week as the crayon. I remember how many times the tooth fairy would forget her wallet. Also,  how proud I was when my children took their first steps even though my second son still has the scar on his head from the corner of the living room table. I’m pretty sure I should have taken stock out in band aids and batteries. I would be very wealthy today.

Did they get ALL that I wanted them to learn before they move out?

Will they be good, honest, kind, hard working, and loving people? There’s still so much more I want them to KNOW. They are not ready. Or maybe I am not ready?

There are so many “mom” moments I would like to forget. I have made so many mistakes I quit counting about 18 years ago. There are so many moments I don’t want to forget and I feel like the older I am the less I remember.

They are almost adults and ready for college or marriage, looking at setting up a house of their own. Its like a new beginning for me. I’m excited and sad all at the same time. We spend so much time worrying about all the little details that I forget to breathe. However this is the job I have taken the most pride. This is bittersweet and fun all at the same time. Need to breathe. Exhausting and frustrating during all the hormonal battles. Just breathe. Mom I’m gonna marry her……


Where’s the oxygen??? (breathe)  How do I say no? He is so happy. Breathe. Ok now I’m hyperventilating. Head between the knees this is almost over. Now I cry. And I Laugh.

Your doing good mom just hang in there. The ride is bumpy, but fun. The adventures are scary but only temporary. The finish line comes and when it does I imagine the very large party I will have running through the house naked. Just like I did when I was a baby.


And close the curtains!

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