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New adventures

New adventures

When you are at the door of a new job it could be scary to walk in it. The fear you feel inside, the butterflies, did I make the right choice? Will the boss be mean? Are my coworkers crazy (Ok so maybe not everyone asks these same questions)? Is my office a small closet? Do I even get an office? What if I say the wrong things? Am I even qualified?

Perhaps now is the time to BREATHE.

Every new adventure is scary. That’s why they are called adventures. There’s always a risk involved. I can tell you from experience.  After I graduated college and started a new job, I thought was everything I wanted, I only lasted until LUNCH (yikes).  Also, there are jobs that I have done that I thought would only be short term and ended up WAY longer than I expected.

The point being, you just don’t know until you TRY. This is true with everything. Relationships, food, new shoes, etc.

One of my favorite risks was opening my first business. This risk carried many consequences, however I learned many things about myself and continue down this same path. I know that I am an entrepreneur. It’s what I love to do. I look back on my life and every adult year I have been employed I have desired to be in business.

You will never find out what you like and what you don’t like, whether you are good at something or not unless you take that first step through the door.  I can tell you from experience, (having brain tumors and all) life is short! Don’t pause one minute longer with all the what if’s.

Your tomorrow is waiting………

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