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10 Things that make me happy!!!

10 Things that make me happy!!!
  1. Diet Coke – anyone who knows me EVEN REMOTELY knows how I love Diet Coke. You can find me sipping on a diet coke morning, noon and night.
  2. My children giving me a diet coke, lol, no just kidding.  My 3 sons make me extremely happy! One just turned 18. My middle son is 16. The last but not least born is my 12 year old.
  3. Talking about God to anyone who will listen. This brings me GREAT Joy!
  4. The beach. The sand on the beach, the dolphins (not sharks) IN the beach, The boats on the beach, The shells on the beach…Did I mention I LOVE THE BEACH.
  5. The sunroof on my car. I love that thing. I waited my whole life to be able to afford a car with a sunroof.
  6. My 2 Dogs Bailey and Lucy. I had to have girls since my house is full of boys! (also I wanted a dog named Lucy so I could say “Lucy I’m HOME, you got some ‘splaining to do!” ) after Lucille Ball of course.
  7. My church family. There’s so much to be said about having a village of people to love you and to be able to love back.
  8. Couponing makes me extremely happy.  Anytime I can save a buck I get seriously excited!  (yes I do have a small stash – nothing extreme – yet)
  9. Working in my yard. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass.  I love to mulch pretty much everything, lol.
  10. Last but definitely not least would be my husband (AKA Knight in shining armor). He’s an amazing provider and loves with his whole heart!

Name some things or people that make you happy in your comments below. I’m curious to see all of the answers.


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