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Raising Teenagers

Do you like coffee? You see all the posts about people needing coffee to get through their day? Well I am more of a Diet Coke aholic (is that a word?) Ok, so I can’t get through my day with out MANY diet cokes. It […]

Top 10 things to know when traveling to Florida (try not to laugh)

As I lay on the beach, the topic of vacation frequents my mind. I live in Florida. The trips to the beach are an every day experience for me. I do keep in mind that many people pay BIG BUCKS to come here. This is […]

10 Things that make me happy!!!

Diet Coke – anyone who knows me EVEN REMOTELY knows how I love Diet Coke. You can find me sipping on a diet coke morning, noon and night. My children giving me a diet coke, lol, no just kidding.  My 3 sons make me extremely […]

How much will it cost?

Oh how I would love a vacation right now. I work two jobs, have three kids and a husband. Not to mention my two fur babies at home I’m constantly feeding and cleaning up after. So many days feel like groundhogs day. Same thing over […]

When you wake up….

When you wake up….

    There it was, the moment had arrived, it was finished. In May of 2016 the long awaited surgery was complete. The brain tumor that would finish my journey to deafness had concluded. As I lay in that hospital bed and opened my eyes […]

Who’s driving your car?

Who’s driving your car?                                                                                   […]